Q. Why do I need a dash cam? 

A. Dash cameras will provide irrefutable video evidence and act as silent witnesses in the event of an accident. The video evidence will clearly identify whose at fault and what exactly happened. 

Q. Why would I want to invest in a high quality one?

A. Cheap dash cams usually have missing segments between video recordings. It probably cannot operate properly in conditions of extreme heat or cold. Cheap dash cams do offer great specs, but the true video quality will nowhere be near the advertised HD or Full-HD quality. Cheap does not comes along with good and good is not cheap. Invest with peace in your mind.

Q. Why choose BlackVue? What is the difference between the BlackVue units and the competitors?

A. BlackVue offers Full HD (1080p) recording with a built in G-Sensor & GPS tracking capabilities. You have best quality picture, able to provide GPS coordinates will be the great features that truly make it a complete solution.

Q. Who would use a BlackVue vehicle recorder?

A. Either you personally driving or a passenger of a motor vehicle has found yourself or themselves in a near accident situation or experience an accident. Trying to recall what happen will be difficult due to the trauma cause by the accident. BlackVue will be your voice and memory. This is what BlackVue do:-

i) Provide the video evidence to corroborate your story and show what really happened.

ii) This gives you recourse and proof in situations where the law might automatically find you at fault for an accident. (Rear end collisions)

iii) Its GPS function allows it to function as a safety net for concerned parents who let their teenagers drive their vehicle.

iv) When letting the children drive your car, you can bet they will be on their best behavior while driving and the GPS feature allows you to see exactly where they've gone on a Google Maps overlay.

v) Car enthusiasts can use it to record off-road and track events just as they would for regular day to day driving.

Those that concerned about their own or their love ones safety on the road should consider using one and BlackVue is the one.

Q. I have been driving for so many years and having good track record, why should I consider purchasing the BlackVue unit?

A. No one wants to think about getting into an accident but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. With the recent rise in fraudulent automobile accidents there is even greater reason to be concerned. Most importantly, protect your insurance premiums from an unfair increase in the event of an accident. Motorists will come up with any story to put the blame on the other driver. Furthermore, when come to road bully, it is not just your word against theirs anymore if BlackVue is your eye witness.

Q. What is the purpose of WiFi? How does WiFi work on BlackVue?

A. It is a common misconception for people to think that the WiFi function acts as an Access Point or Hotspot for tethering internet. However, the WiFi function in the BlackVue dashcams’ is meant for changing of settings, streaming recorded and live footage, transferring or saving recorded video from dash cam memory to Smartphone Memory.

Q. What is the effective range of BlackVue WiFi work on?

A. The best streaming range will be 15 feet from the devices.

Q. Can we view or access remotely when we are out of the range?

A. Yes with BlackVue Over Cloud you can remotely view. Click here for more info

Q. If I have tint on my car, is having a rear dash cam still worth it/does it work?

A. Tint works very much like sunglasses. In the daytime, it will not affect recording capabilities at all. At night, it definitely will affect the quality of the video. Since lighting is a factor in video recording capability, having a darker tint does hinder the performance. However, though it might not be as clear, a tint won't stop a dashcams from getting the job done. A lot of our customers, as well as ourselves, have tints, and use rear-facing dash cams without a problem.

Q. How do I install my dash cam?

A. There are two ways. First the 'plug-and-go' method where all the BlackVue dashcams come with 12v power outlets where will be plugged into the cigarette lighter to receive power in which your dash cam will be turned on only when your car is turned on. Second is the 'hardwired' method which allows your dashcam to act as a CCTV for your vehicle when your vehicle is parked. It also allows a much cleaner install. "Hardwired" method required additional devices called “Power Magic Pro" that sold separately. We, Dash Cam PH can provide this service with an affordable fees. Contact us for the rates. 

Q. What warranty is provided with the BlackVue Vehicle Recorder?

A. The unit comes with a one year manufacturer warranty*. This warranty will be effective when the unit purchased from an Authorized Dealer in the Philippines. Units purchased from eBay and similar channels are not eligible for any warranty coverage by Dash Cam Philippines.

Q. Where do you ship to?

A. We are sole distributor of BlackVue in Philippines. We ship anywhere in the region of Philippines but it is advisable for Visaya and Mindanao region, please contact our local authorized dealers. We do not sell and ship outside Philippines.